Member Stories

Member Stories is a campaign highlighting individual Junior League Members who have used their League experience to make an impact in their local community. We know that leadership isn’t just the job you have or the role you’re in, and that Junior League women lead every day, in all kinds of roles. Our Members bring The Junior League Mission to life, and we are pleased to shine light on their unique and inspiring stories.

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Featured Members

  • Mitzi Ambrose-Washington

    For Junior League of Bronxville Member, Mitzi Ambrose-Washington, being a Sustainer is about guiding other Junior League Members toward being the most effective volunteers possible.

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  • Erin Collins

    When Erin Collins relocated from Washington, D.C. to Tallahassee, Florida, she thought it was a temporary move, but as time went on, she realized Tallahassee was becoming her new home and, after meeting some enthusiastic Junior League members, decided to join the Junior League of Tallahassee.

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  • Melissa Jackson

    A volunteer at heart and an educator by trade, Melissa Jackson was looking for ways to improve her community through effective action and meet like-minded women when she joined the Junior League of Savannah.

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  • Lesley Boyer

    When the Junior League of Long Beach asked Lesley Boyer to join after she graduated college, her commitment to the League was never in question.

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  • Harriet Yocum

    When Harriet Yocum joined the Junior League of Sioux Falls 10 years ago, she hoped to become an active part of a group of women that brings communities together and champions progressive ways to collaborate for social and policy change.

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  • Tina Winham

    As someone who was raised in an environment without a lot of positive women role models, Tina Winham has always longed to become one.

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