Notable Members

  • Elizabeth Redenbaugh

    Elizabeth Redenbaugh

    The Junior League of Wilmington, North Carolina

    2011 Profile in Courage Award from the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library
  • Eleanor Roosevelt

    Eleanor Roosevelt

    The Junior League of the City of New York

    First Lady; social reformer; humanitarian; author. As U.S. Delegate to the United Nations, she chaired the Human Rights Commission during the drafting of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted in 1948
  • Phyllis Stewart Schlafly

    Phyllis Stewart Schlafly

    The Junior League of St. Louis

    American constitutional lawyer and conservative activist.
  • Eudora Welty

    Eudora Welty

    The Junior League of Jackson, Mississippi

    Author; won a Pulitzer Prize for The Optimist's Daughter, 1972
  • Helen Wills

    Helen Wills

    The Junior League of San Francisco

    Professional tennis player; winner of 31 Grand Slam titles and two Olympic medals