Elected and Appointed Officials-State

Federal, State, Local and International Officials

State elected and appointed officials

  • Hon. Glenda E. Hood

    Hon. Glenda E. Hood

    The Junior Leage of Greater Orlando

    Mayor of Orlando, FL 1992-2003;

    Secretary of State of Florida 2003-2005

  • Tierra Jones

    Tierra Jones

    The Junior League of Las Vegas

    Eighth Judicial District Court Judge, Nevada

    Appointed 2017-present

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  • Patti Nelson

    Patti Nelson

    The Junior League of Monroe

    Director of Louisiana State Arts Council

    In office 2014-present

  • Michelle Moulder

    Michelle Moulder

    The Junior League of Springfield, MO

    Assistant Federal Defender,
    The Office of the Public Defender - Western District of Missouri

    In office 1995-present

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  • Erin Rice

    Erin Rice

    The Junior League of Norfolk-Virginia Beach

    Since 2005 appointed by the past 4 Governors of Virginia to serve in different positions within the
    Secretariat of Public Safety and Homeland Security Agency:

    Currently Community Risk Reduction Coordinator for the Virginia State Fire Marshal's Office
    appointed by Governor Terry McAuliffe

    Appointed 2014-present

  • Florence Shapiro

    Florence Shapiro

    The Junior League of Collin County

    Texas State Senator

    In office 1993 - 2013

  • Elizabeth

    Elizabeth "Betty" Sims

    The Junior League of St. Louis

    Missouri State Senator

    In office 1995-2002

  • Deborah Taylor Tate

    Deborah Taylor Tate

    The Junior League of Nashville

    Director of the Administrative Office of the Courts
    for the Tennessee Supreme Court

    In office 2015-present