AJLI’s Leadership Team

AJLI’s Leadership Team is made up of two core groups of dynamic leaders that engage with our Mission, the AJLI Board and Team, and our Leagues.

AJLI’s Executive Team serves a critical function within the organization as they provide the strategic and operational leadership to the AJLI. Our Executive Team sets goals for the organization and their teams, develops strategies, and ensures the strategies are executed effectively.

The members of the Executive Team include:

  • Laura Gilman

    Laura Gilman

    Chief of Staff; Senior Vice President, Partnerships & Marketing

  • Moira Girard

    Moira Girard

    Chief Content Officer; Senior Vice President, Content & Programs

In addition to the Executive Team, our teams are managed by members of our Senior Leadership Team.  The Senior Leadership Team contributes their insights and expertise to strategy development and partners with the Executive Team to ensure that AJLI’s goals are realized.

The three members of the Senior Leadership Team include: