Sara C. Mayer

At-Large Member 2018-2020

Sara Mayer

Sara Mayer is a team-builder and champion of inclusivity, dedicated to bringing together distinct voices around a common cause. Committed to transparent and compassionate leadership, Sara is highly strategic and data-driven. Willing to question the way things have been done in the past, she is passionate about finding smarter, more effective solutions for the future.

Sara has held key leadership roles in the Junior League of Phoenix and the Junior League of South Brevard, bringing strong operations experience to each. She has served as the League’s Secretary on the Board of Directors, Strategic Plan Advisor to the Board, Strategic Planning Chair and Vice President of Development for the Board of Directors.

Committed to showing quantifiable results Sara developed and maintained a League-wide dashboard to track key metrics for the organization’s various programs and initiatives, creating and implementing a “board impact” tracking mechanism. Sara also developed and implemented a Membership Growth Model that resulted in a total membership growth of 16.9% in two years, with an 87.8% increase in the Provisional class retention in two years.

A highly respected teammate in all of her Junior League endeavors, Sara has received a number of awards, including the Sandra Day O’Connor Community Service Award, Above and Beyond League Achievement Award, WOW (Woman of Wonder) Award and Active Member League Achievement Award. Sara has substantial board experience outside of The Junior League, including serving as President for Girls on the Run serving Maricopa and Pinal Counties, a transformational learning program for 8 to 13 year-old girls; ResilientMe a trauma sensitive resiliency program for children experiencing foster care; and she is a founder and President of The Joyride Society, a giving circle. Additionally, Sara has served in several capacities for Alpha Phi International Fraternity where she was the co-chair for the Committee on Leadership (the nominating committee for the international board). During her term on the committee, she conducted strategic needs assessments through interviewing outgoing and continuing board members and identified and recruited individuals demonstrating their core competencies with a wide breadth of experience. Professionally, Sara is the Director of Operations for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, overseeing the Phoenix, Tucson, Southern Nevada, New Mexico and Utah chapters, where she coordinates the staff onboarding, training, and financial operations of the chapters.

Sara is a graduate of Capella University and Georgia Southern University, where she earned a Master of Education in Educational Leadership and a Master of Education in Higher Education Leadership, respectively.