MaryAnna Huong Peavey

At-Large Member 2019-2021

MaryAnna Huong Peavey

As the first minority president in the history of the Junior League of Boise, MaryAnna prides herself on how her Junior League experience has developed her as a leader, including shaping her approach of always putting herself in other people’s shoes to make her an effective leader. Building on this approach, MaryAnna has always been guided by the desire to create an inclusive environment to empower volunteers, handling divergent viewpoints to build consensus and valuing every opportunity to build relationships. To her AJLI Board role she brings the distinctive experience and understanding of working with smaller, growing Leagues.

Since participating in her provisional class nearly 15 years ago, MaryAnna has been an Active member and leader for the Junior League of Boise, laddering up to her tenure as President. She served on the Respite Nursery and Advisory Board for the CRPD committee where she researched and reported on different respite nurseries throughout the Northwest; as Fund Development Chair she was able to raise grant funding by 150%; and during her term as Finance Council Manager she spearheaded fundraising efforts. She also served as Treasurer for the League. MaryAnna always balanced her membership and leadership in her League with active participation in conferences conducted by The Association of Junior Leagues International.

In addition to her League work, MaryAnna has recently been appointed to the AJLI DEI Workgroup. She plans to bring forward her experiences from her DEI Taskforce work and her experience with being a bi-racial Asian.

Her volunteer experience outside of The Junior League reflects her deep commitment to the Boise community. MaryAnna is currently serving as an ambassador for the Women and Children’s Alliance; a participant in Idaho Women in Leadership; a volunteer with the Boise Urban Garden School; a participant in Go Lead Idaho; a member of both the Idaho Advantage Group of Infrastructure Funders and the Council of Infrastructure Financing Authorities; and as a member of the State Revolving Fund Workgroup Committee for the Environmental Protection Agency.

Professionally, MaryAnna has issued hundreds of millions of dollars in loans to Idaho communities to ensure clean drinking water and sound wastewater solutions as Loan Program Coordinator with the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality. The impact of her work is reflected in energy savings equivalent to providing power to 2,500 households, the annual conservation of 57 billion glasses of water, and the millions of taxpayer dollars saved through reduced repayment obligations and interest savings.

MaryAnna is a graduate of the University of Idaho, receiving a dual B.S. in Economics and Finance.