Who We Are

We are mothers and daughters, lawyers and retailers, 290+ Junior Leagues and over 125,000 members strong. We are The Junior League.

Since its founding in 1901 by social activist Mary Harriman, The Junior League has evolved into one of the oldest, largest and most effective women’s volunteer organizations in the world, encompassing more than 125,000 women in over 295 Leagues in four countries.

Our mandate has not wavered: to develop exceptionally qualified civic leaders who collaborate with community partners to identify a community’s most urgent needs and address them with meaningful and relevant programs and initiatives that not only improve lives, but also change the way people think. This important work has won us dedicated community and corporate partners and loyal supporters for more than 120 years as well as an enduring legacy as the foremost provider of civic leadership training for women.

They don't call us the Volunteer Powerhouse for nothing.

thriving in a modern world

We are in the midst of organizational transformation, taking bold steps today to ensure the long-term health, vitality and viability of The Junior League for years to come. As an organization that's contributed to the development of women as civic leaders and to meaningful community improvement since 1901, our success is critical to the health of local communities far and wide.


Decade after decade, the inspirational service and advocacy of Junior League volunteers not only has helped bring about many of the privileges we now take for granted—from free school lunches to domestic violence shelters and clean water—but has shaped the way people think about serving their local communities, their nations and the world.


True to their legacy, today’s members are at the forefront of tackling society’s thorniest and most critical issues—human trafficking, foster care, juvenile justice, teen self-esteem, cybercrimes and literacy, among others—for the purpose of enhancing the social, cultural and political fabric of our civil society.


The Junior League boasts a legacy of empowered leadership over the last century. Revered around the world for the life-changing work we do, we are the premier source for civic leadership training and development opportunities for women who want to bring about lasting and meaningful change in their communities. 

We know we can’t just sit back and coast on our impressive record. We are a vital organization intent on updating how we recruit, train and retain members.

We also are confident that our commitment to hands-on training and formal learning opportunities for leadership holds an enduring appeal for today’s women.