Kashi Honors Junior Leagues for their Role in Fighting Childhood Obesity

Cites the work done by 18 individual Leagues in developing innovative programs at the community level

New York, NY– June 17, 2013 – Eighteen Junior Leagues from around the U.S. have been honored with grants from Kashi, the premier natural food and lifestyle company, for the work they do in their local communities to meaningfully address the multi-faceted issue of healthy eating and nutrition among children. The awards were made at the 91st Annual Conference of The Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc. in Washington, D.C.

Since its founding in 1901, the organization has been instrumental in tackling society’s toughest issues and the Junior League's Kids in the Kitchen program was one of the first anti-obesity initiatives to focus on a critical success factor in dealing with this epidemic—bringing parents and children together to learn about healthy eating in their own kitchens. Today the program serves as the foundation for a broader body of League work around the issue of healthy eating and nutrition that extends beyond the kitchen.

“Last year’s grants from Kashi made it possible to fund the development of Phase 2 of our Kids in the Kitchen program at the Association level and distribute grants to 29 individual Leagues working on healthy eating and nutrition initiatives,” said Susan Danish, Executive Director of AJLI. “This most recent round of funding will help a new group of Leagues make impact locally through activities such as teaching monthly wellness classes for parents while their children are actively engaged on a playground; connecting the community with resources through community health fairs reaching thousands of people; and updating teacher resource materials in a USDA award-winning nutrition curriculum, among other initiatives.”

The Junior League also will be featured as a Kashi partner on causes.com this summer and have the opportunity to add $75,000 to fund new Kids in the Kitchen activities at the League level while supporting AJLI’s activities.

This year’s awards were made to Junior Leagues in: Cedar Rapids, IA; Douglas County, GA; Fargo-Moorhead, ND; Spartanburg, SC; Youngstown, OH; Birmingham, MI; Charlotte, NC; Dayton, OH; the Flint Hills, KS; Fort Lauderdale, FL; Las Vegas, NV; Long Beach, CA; Mobile, AL; Rochester, NY; Tulsa, OK; Corpus Christi, TX; Huntsville, AL; and Chattanooga, TN.

Information about the Kids in the Kitchen program can be found on its newly re-launched website, which, for the first time, allows online contributions to be made.

About The Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc.

Founded in 1901 by New Yorker and social activism pioneer, Mary Harriman, the Junior Leagues are charitable nonprofit organizations of women, developed as civic leaders, creating demonstrable community impact.

Today, The Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc. (AJLI) is comprised of more than 155,000 women in 293 Junior Leagues throughout Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom and the United States. Together, they constitute one of the largest, most effective volunteer organizations in the world. 


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