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As most of today’s corporate leaders know, social responsibility—and sustainability—are good business, whether you’re in search of favorability with existing customers, new prospects, regulatory agencies, or in relationships with other businesses. This holds true for a partnership with The Junior League, which boasts more than a century of volunteering and leadership to improve our local communities around the world.

As we have throughout our 120 year history, we welcome inquiries from corporations, foundations, entrepreneurs, and other institutions whose values align with our Mission and who wish to collaborate with one of the world’s premier organizations of leaders. We know we cannot fulfill our Mission on our own and that it takes a tightly knit network of businesses, educators, local officials, agencies and volunteers to make lasting and meaningful change.

Interested in becoming a corporate sponsor?

Please contact info@ajli.org.

Who are we anyway?

Junior League women are highly motivated, educated, influential individuals who transform their communities through advocacy, direct service, public education, fundraising and hard work on the front lines of modern society’s toughest problems. With comprehensive training, vast networks, and a collaborative approach to designing solutions, they step in where government or social services agencies are not fully meeting a community’s needs, whether for lack of resources, knowledge or funding.

Why partner with us?

A partnership with The Junior League is an opportunity for an organization or a foundation to collaborate with one of the world’s largest and effective associations of women in its legacy of improving communities through the work of trained volunteers who establish after-school programs, work to prevent childhood obesity, pioneer literacy initiatives, or build domestic violence shelters. In short, collaborating with The Junior League is an opportunity for civic engagement and social responsibility that visibly enhances business, brands, and corporate reputations.

Who’s worked with us in the past?

Throughout its history, The Junior League, and its various initiatives, have benefitted from the support of a long list of sponsors, donors, and grant-makers, including Sears, Roebuck & Co., Talbots, Allstate Insurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Mary Kay, Kashi, BMW and Anheuser Busch, among many others.

How can you help?

Opportunities for partnership may take a variety of forms including:

  • Sponsorships for educational conferences, training workshops, major technology initiatives like our data integration strategy and our online curriculum
  • Funding for Association operating expenses and the continuing development of our highly qualified staff to support our members in their social impact activities
  • Grants for our Association-wide strategic initiatives such as our Junior Leagues’ Kids in the Kitchen initiative that make a sustainable impact on the communities in which they’re implemented
  • Underwriting for our promotional campaigns and recruitment drives that give more women leadership development opportunities to benefit their communities
  • In-kind donations of products, services, or machinery  to support conferences
  • Underwriting of awards to recognize outstanding Junior League members who set an example for others in their communities

What about opportunities at the local level?

If your corporation would like to work with a specific local League, please use the Find A League search which provides contact information for each League.

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