Whether finding funding for a local children’s museum or educating lawmakers on the epidemic of violence against women, The Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc. and its nearly three hundred member Leagues have always known they could not be successful in a vacuum.

From the beginning, the plans and programs they’ve developed and implemented, the awareness they’ve built for important causes, the money they’ve raised for new schools, shelters, hospitals, and libraries, have all required an essential ingredient: valuable partnerships, alliances, and sponsorships with key organizations, agencies, officials, philanthropies, and corporations—at the local, state, national, and international levels. Here are a few of the ways you can partner with the Association or with individual Junior Leagues:

Corporate sponsors

Corporate sponsors are an incredibly important element in the work The Junior League is able to do. Through a sponsorship or partnership with The Junior League, a company has an opportunity to collaborate with one of the world’s largest and most effective associations of women as they work to improve their communities. The arrangement is mutually beneficial. While the League enjoys access to the resources and expertise of the corporate team, the corporation is able to enjoy an opportunity for civic engagement and social responsibility that visibly enhances its business, brand, and reputation.

Interested in becoming a corporate sponsor? Please contact Laura Gilman, AJLI SVP, Strategic Partnerships at

Community partners

Community partners are the people and organizations within a local area who partner with an individual Junior League or groups of Leagues because they share a common goal and because they can each lend knowledge, capital, credibility, volunteers, or other resources to an initiative to make it as beneficial as possible to those it serves.

In many cases, a League partners locally with an organization, such as CASA, the Red Cross or the United Way, that has a national or international reach. Often, due to an inherent affinity in mission and goals, these organizations are able to form distinct, locally focused partnerships with individual Leagues in cities all over the AJLI network. 

Interested in becoming a community partner? Please contact  Emma Briggs, Manager, League Programs, at

Sector allies

Sector allies are peers of the Association who inhabit the independent, not-for-profit sector and that, like The Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc., seek not only to improve the profile and efficiency of not-for-profits but also to advocate on behalf of the interests of the sector and the millions it serves. With its like-minded collaborators, AJLI aspires to expand the capacity of charities, institutions, and other agencies to meet the needs of their clients by pushing a steady stream of well qualified leaders into the not-for-profit pipeline. 

Interested in becoming a sector ally? Please contact Laura Gilman, AJLI SVP, Strategic Partnerships at

Preferred vendors

Preferred vendors are the partners who offer our individual Leagues benefits and discounts they could not otherwise obtain. As members of the AJLI network, Leagues enjoy access to an array of products and services from top-notch suppliers including Hertz, Avis, Evite Postmark and Jitasa, among many others.

Interested in becoming a preferred vendor? Please contact Carrie Holmes, Meetings Manager, at 212.951.8333 or