Whether finding funding for a local children’s museum or educating lawmakers on the epidemic of violence against women, The Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc. and its nearly three hundred member Leagues have always known they could not be successful in a vacuum.

From the beginning, the plans and programs they’ve developed and implemented, the awareness they’ve built for important causes, the money they’ve raised for new schools, shelters, hospitals, and libraries, have all required an essential ingredient: valuable partnerships, alliances, and sponsorships with key organizations, agencies, officials, philanthropies, and corporations—at the local, state, national, and international levels.

Here are a few of the ways you can partner with the Association or with individual Junior Leagues:



Corporate sponsors play a pivotal and dynamic role in driving the impactful initiatives accomplished by The Junior League. By forging a sponsorship or partnership with us, companies open the door to a collaboration with one of the globe's most prominent and influential associations of women. Our women are dedicated to igniting positive change. With a staggering reach that spans across borders, cultures, and communities, our 113,000+ dedicated members are united by a shared purpose: to enact positive and lasting change within their communities. 

Sponsorships can be mutually beneficial. While The Junior League gains access to the corporate world's resources and expertise, our corporate partners benefit from the opportunity to magnify their business, bolster their brand and elevate their reputation.

Are you ready to embark on this journey as a corporate sponsor? Contact Joslyn McGriff Bensley at and join us in crafting a brighter future together. Your involvement is not just sponsorship; it's a step towards empowerment, collaboration, and lasting impact.


Community partners

Community partners are the people and organizations within a local area who partner with an individual Junior League or groups of Leagues because they share a common goal and because they can each lend knowledge, capital, credibility, volunteers, or other resources to an initiative to make it as beneficial as possible to those it serves.

In many cases, a League partners locally with an organization, such as CASA, the Red Cross or the United Way, that has a national or international reach. Often, due to an inherent affinity in mission and goals, these organizations are able to form distinct, locally focused partnerships with individual Leagues in cities all over the AJLI network. 

Interested in becoming a community partner? Please contact  AJLI, at