Transfer Leagues

Transfer Membership

If you are looking to join a Junior League and have never been a Member before, please see the “Find a League” section to locate the League nearest you.


If you are a current Member looking to transfer to a new League, please contact your current League.


If you have previously been a Member and are looking to rejoin a new Junior League, please see the information below on transferring your membership…

While the transfer privilege is Association-wide, individual Leagues have their own policies and processes regarding their membership. This in general should be a cooperative process, but please call AJLI if you are experiencing issues. If you are a noncurrent Member who is looking to join a new Junior League, we recommend you first reach out to the League you were most recently a member of, by phone or email, to begin the process. If you are having trouble contacting your most recent League, please contact AJLI and we are happy to assist you.

Phone: 212.951.8300 / 800.955.3248