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Do you wish to provide an avenue where women can reach for civic leadership excellence via personal growth and development in service?

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The Junior League, one of the oldest, largest and most effective women’s volunteer organizations in the world, has matured and evolved since it was founded in 1901 by social activism pioneer Mary Harriman. Our mandate, however, has never wavered: to develop exceptionally qualified civic leaders who collaborate with community partners to identify a community’s most urgent and pressing needs, and address them with meaningful and relevant programs and initiatives that not only improve lives, but also change the way people think.

Affiliation opportunities

Overview: The Affiliation process is designed to strengthen communities by broadening the reach of the Junior League movement through the addition of strong new Junior Leagues whose members are developed as civic leaders committed to the Junior League Mission.

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Affiliation Option 1

You are an existing and established Women’s Organization that seeks to affiliate with The Junior League

Successful affiliating organizations have three things in common—meaningful community work, enthusiastic members and inspiring leadership. AJLI is committed to the success of every Junior League and has created a plan to support organizations looking to become Junior Leagues by providing resources and tools to ensure they meet Junior League Membership criteria.  However, there are some documents we would to review in order for you to meet the pre-qualification for Affiliation. 

Affiliation Pre-qualifications.

An established organization shall demonstrate satisfactory evidence that it:

  • Is incorporated as a registered charity in the country/state in which it is located
    • Please provide copies of your Incorporation designation and 501c3 tax exemption documentation
  • Has a statement of purpose (Mission) consistent with the Junior League Mission
    • Please provide your Mission and Vision statements
  • Exhibits values that comport with the Junior League
    • Please share your values statement and
    • Bylaws
  • Has sound finances and keeps its books and accounts in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles
    • Please presents your financials for inspection (2 most recent years)
  • Can illustrate community engagement and service
    • Please share details on your current community programs and Member community engagement opportunities.

Once The Association of Junior Leagues International (AJLI) has received reviews and finds all the documentation related to the pre-qualifications above is in order, an invitation to begin the Affiliation process will be extended by way of a Memorandum of Understanding. On receipt of the executed Memorandum of Understanding, the Affiliation process begins.

Ready to get started?

Please reach out to Pamela Antoine Weekes, Vice President, League Advancement at 212.951.8359 or for clarification on any of these documents and/or should you have any questions.

Affiliation Option 2

You are an unformed Group and/or individuals who seek to form a Junior League

AJLI will provide a workplan and resources to aid you through formation which includes a feasibility pre-work


  1. Understand the Mission of the organization you wish to develop
  2. Generate a number of 25 women who would be interested in starting this endeavor alongside you
  3. Conduct a community scan
  4. Understand the fiduciary responsibilities of starting a non-profit business


  1. AJLI will provide guidance, support, and resources
  2. Through a paid licensing agreement, you will be given use of the Junior League name
  3. AJLI will not provide financial support but rather, financial guidance
  4. Once you have completed the Foundational Prework and are officially in Affiliation, we will need you to Incorporate and, AJLI will provide a Bylaws Template for your use
  5. There is an onboarding fee of $1,200

Ready to get started?

Please fill out this form and AJLI will be in touch with you before the next Affiliation cohort kicks off.