Avoid the Leadership Pitfalls of Over-Thinking

April 8, 2015

Shelley Row

Featuring: Shelley Row, P.E., PTOE, MBA

Whether it is your company, association or volunteer committee, over-thinking wastes your time and the time of others. Over-thinking makes the easy hard, the obvious obscure, and commonsense not so common. If you ever felt stuck while your mind whirls and churns then you know what over-thinking is like. By taking advantage of advances in neuroscience, you will learn more about how your brain works and how to use that knowledge for your personal success and for your team’s success. Because you don’t have time to spare, this program assists you to break through the five leadership pitfalls of over-thinking so that you can decide and move on. Discover how to stop:

  • Over-analyzing decisions
  • Over-reliance on rules, processes and procedures
  • Having an overly-narrow focus
  • Overly-protective thinking
  • Being overly-dependent on approval