What We Do

Pioneering positive change

2013 Conference Opening Video: It Starts With a Woman

For more than a century The Junior League has been on the forefront of social reform, identifying problems and finding solutions in a collaborative way. The list of issues they've tackled is long and complicated:  pollution, illiteracy, domestic violence, foster children without a safety net, to name just a few. 

Our approach is simple. Through hands-on training and formal learning opportunities we give women the skills they need to improve the quality of life in the communities they serve.

Among our many successes are our contributions to the passage of the Clean Water Act, our campaign for free school lunches, the “Don’t Wait to Vaccinate” campaign, and The Junior Leagues’ Kids in the Kitchen initiative, which combats childhood obesity and educates families on health and nutrition, to name just a few.

Cultivating civic leaders

The Junior League experience enables women to flourish as civic leaders. They learn to shine a light on an issue that needs attention and then advocate for change. In the process, they build consensus among those who can help solve the problem.

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Making an impact on our communities

Decade after decade, we have played a critical role in securing many of the privileges we now take for granted, from protection for victims of domestic violence to a safe place for children to learn.

A collaborative approach

We know that for any of our initiatives to be successful, they need the support of the neighborhood. The Junior League trains its members to work collaboratively with all stakeholders to ensure favorable outcomes for community programs.