Isabel's House, the Crisis Nursery of the Ozarks

Intervening at the height of family crisis

Isabel’s House, the Crisis Nursery of the Ozarks

The Junior League of Springfield

Awards: 2010 Community Impact Award

Issue Area(s): child welfare, domestic violence

Metric of Success (if quantifiable/available): More than 3,100 children and their families have been helped during times of domestic crisis.


Reacting to high levels of child abuse and neglect in Springfield and Greene County, Missouri, the Junior League of Springfield worked with community partners to open Isabel’s House, the Crisis Nursery of the Ozarks, in June 2007. The 20-bed residential facility serves children from birth to age 12, providing 24/7 care to children whose families are undergoing a crisis. The families of the children also receive respite, empowerment, support, and training services. Admission to Isabel’s House is voluntary and confidential. The average stay ranges from three days to the maximum of 30 days. There is no cost to the family for the services.

Community partners

Burrell Behavioral Health, the City of Springfield, CoxHealth, Community Partnership of the Ozarks, Missouri State University, Mercy Health System, Springfield-Greene County Park Board, and the United Way of the Ozarks

How it works

Children served by the facility come from families facing a wide range of problems, including domestic violence, job loss, and homelessness, or have parents who are hospitalized or in drug or alcohol treatment.

What’s the impact?

More than 3,100 children have stayed at Isabel’s House and many of their families have benefited from a wide range of counseling services.