Human Trafficking

Junior Leagues and Junior League State Public Affairs Committees (SPACs) began researching the issue of human trafficking over ten years ago. Early efforts focused on understanding the issue and educating League members. They have focused their efforts in two primary areas: Raising public awareness and advocating the passage of legislation that addresses issues ranging from penalizing traffickers to protecting children and teenagers who become victims.

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Moving the Needle on Human Trafficking in Your Community and Across the U.S.


State Level

  • Human Trafficking Advocacy

    The Junior Leagues of California State Public Affairs Committee (Cal-SPAC), consisting of 16 member Leagues

    Junior Leagues of California State Public Affairs Committee (SPAC) is committed to ending human trafficking in all its forms. SPAC supports policies and programs that stop human trafficking, advocate for victims, and educate the community at large. 


  • Building Awareness and Giving a Lifeline to Human Trafficking Victims

    The State Public Affairs Committee of the Junior Leagues of New Jersey (NJSPAC)

    The Junior Leagues of the New Jersey State Public Affairs Committee takes a multi-pronged approach to fighting human trafficking, organizing the state’s first educational summit, which produced legislation, and establishing a hotline where New Jerseyans can report suspected cases.

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  • Protection and Justice for Trafficking Victims

    The Junior Leagues of the State of New York State Public Affairs Committee (NYSPAC)

    Human trafficking was high on NYSPAC’s legislative agenda in 2006 and NYSPAC members strongly urged members of the New York State Assembly and Senate to enact a strong, comprehensive state law that recognizes human trafficking as a crime, punishes traffickers and establishes services for victims. In May 2007, then Governor Elliott Spitzer signed the legislation to enact the human trafficking bill into law. The following year, NYSPAC successfully advocated for the provision of funding for domestic violence shelter services for victims of human trafficking and domestic violence.


  • Advocates on behalf of Michigan's women and children

    The goal for the Michigan State Council of Junior Leagues is to support legislation that stiffens the penalty for prosecution of human trafficking crimes.

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League Level


    The Junior League of Portland, OR

    The Junior League of Portland’s Stop Human Trafficking Committee was formed to focus on generating awareness, advocating for survivors and community collaboration.

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  • The Junior League of Atlanta's Human Trafficking Initiative

    The Junior League of Atlanta

    One week before the kickoff of Super Bowl XLV in Dallas, the Junior League of Atlanta (JLA) sponsored How To Stop The Candy Shop, a special one-hour presentation on Atlanta’s public television channel that marks the launch of a citywide campaign focused on eliminating the sexual exploitation of Atlanta’s children. But that’s only one piece of JLA’s comprehensive initiative


  • Raising Human Trafficking Awareness

    The Junior League of Baton Rouge

    To generate awareness of the human trafficking in Louisiana, The Junior League of Baton Rouge recently partnered with Trafficking Hope to hold screening of the documentary film, Nefarious: Merchant of Souls


  • Human Trafficking Luncheon and Panel

    The Junior League of Birmingham, AL

    In January, The Junior League of Birmingham hosted a luncheon and panel discussion on the issue of human trafficking. 

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  • Educating and raising awareness in Daytona Beach

    The Junior League of Daytona Beach

    The Junior League of Daytona Beach's human trafficking committee educates the public by raising awareness of the issue through informational seminars, special events and local outreach relief efforts. 

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  • Working with SOAP in Detroit

    The Junior League of Birmingham, MI

    The Junior League of Birmingham, MI  is in its second year of partnering with SOAP, Save Our Adolescents from Prostitution. 

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  • JL Flint's Town Hall Meeting

    The Junior League of Flint

    On February 25, 2011, The Junior League of Flint hosted a Town Hall to teach community members how to identify and fight human trafficking. 

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  • Creating Legislation in Los Angeles

    The Junior League of Los Angeles

    In 2008, JL of Los Angeles (JLLA) created and sponsored a piece of state legislation entitled AB 2810: AB 2810 AB 2810 that requires law enforcement agencies to assess whether a victim of domestic violence or rape, or a person “suspected of violating” California’s solicitation and prostitution laws, is also a victim of human trafficking.

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  • JL of the Oranges and Short Hills helps renovate Polaris offices

    The Junior League of the Oranges and Short Hills

    As part of its continued support of the Polaris Project New Jersey, The Junior League of the Oranges and Short Hills recently donated over $10,000 worth of renovations to Polaris’ offices. 

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  • "Abolishing" Human Trafficking in Tampa

    The Junior League of Tampa

    In addition to the advocacy work being done on the state level with through the Junior Leagues of Florida State Public Affairs Committee, the League’s most significant local effort was through a partnership with Ad 2 Tampa Bay for the launch of the “Abolish” campaign.

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