At-Risk Girls learn the importance of self-esteem

GIRLSrock! the Kitchen

The Junior League of Rochester

Name of Initiative: GIRLSrock!

Issue Area(s): Self-Esteem

Metric of Success (if quantifiable/available): 10-40 participants per session


Recognizing the importance of self-esteem in making good life decisions, The Junior League of Rochester developed a workshop program for at-risk teenage girls called GIRLSrock! The year-long program addresses the challenges that girls face, in school and out, as they grow up. 

Community partners

JLR works with a variety of community partners in implementing their GIRLSrock! program, including, but not limited to, local Girl Scout troops, the YMCA, and high schools throughout the Greater-Rochester area.

How it works

GIRLSrock! provides guidance in five areas: personal finance, fitness, safety, the job market and nutrition.

  • Personal finance (GIRLSrock! the Bank) covers budgeting and responsible use of credit. 
  • Fitness (GIRLSrock! the Body) addresses self-esteem and body image issues through sessions on cardiovascular fitness, strength training and yoga, as well as ways to measure baseline fitness parameters.
  • Safety (GIRLSrock! the Defense) includes workshops on self-defense, self-image, and internet use. 
  • Job preparation (GIRLSrock! the Job) includes sessions on exploring interesting careers, interview etiquette and the projection of positive image through attire.
  • Nutrition (GIRLSrock! the Kitchen) includes in-the-kitchen work on identifying portion size, making healthy snacks, eating fruits and vegetables and including whole grains in their diets.

What’s the impact?

GIRLSrock! has developed a sustainable model that provides hands-on opportunities for JLR members while giving the girls it counsels an all-encompassing experience that helps them reach their potential and lay a healthy foundation for their future.