2017 JL Awards: Diversity and Inclusion Honorable Mention

Junior League of San Diego

2017 JL Awards: Diversity and Inclusion Honorable Mention

Diversity and Inclusion Initiative

What is the connection between member diversity and member satisfaction? For the Junior League of San Diego there was no quick answer.

It was clear both from anecdotal evidence and member surveys that the JLSD’s make-up didn’t adequately reflect its community and that opening the League more diverse experiences, connections and passions would make it more impactful for all members.

At the same time, concerns over chronic retention issues, typically around the three-year anniversary mark, indicated that many younger members were not finding the value that they expected when they joined the League.

Three years into what will be a long-term strategic initiative, JLSD is implementing member-satisfaction programs at all levels. The League is also addressing membership obligations that make joining the League unrealistic for many women because of financial, geographic, childcare or other barriers. And JLSD is recruiting with the goal of creating a membership that is diverse in terms of socioeconomic status, geography, education, and gender identity.

And guess what? JLSD is the first Junior League with a policy that officially welcomes transgender members!