Cyberbullying Prevention

Advocating Against Cyberbullying

Susan Schenberg, Sydney Wilhelm and Diane Kerckhoff

The Junior League of St. Louis is working with legislators to amend current Missouri laws which would assist school districts in achieving a standardized approach to cyberbullying.

Local teen Sydney Wilhelm, who was a victim of bullying, has testified on behalf of the Junior League of St. Louis (JLSL) bill— No Bullying Bill HB134— for two years straight. She received a Board Award from the JLSL for her efforts.

The bill passed in the Missouri House of Representatives on April 3, 2013. It is awaiting passage in the Senate.

UPDATEIt took six years, but the tireless work of many, including the Junior League of St. Louis, led to the recent signing into law of Missouri House Bill 1583 regarding student safety and, more specifically, bullying.

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