Community Resources/Partnerships

Junior Leagues across the Association are taking many steps to support and encourage our members, donors, communities and organizational partners as we adapt to the changes we currently face. These inspiring stories are playing out across our Junior League Movement. We hope to capture the evolution of Leagues reacting to this unfolding crisis.

Hard work, generosity, and the spirit of voluntarism are needed now more than ever as we navigate these unprecedented circumstances and the uncharted waters ahead. Together, we are #JLStrong.

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COVID-19: What we're doing

From basic needs fulfillment like Food Drives and Diaper Drives, to fundraising and sharing of community resources, Junior Leagues are there. Use the pull-down menu below to see what Leagues are doing.

  • Junior League of Indianapolis, IN

    Junior League of Indianapolis, IN

    Donated $7,000 to one of their community partners, The Patachou Foundation, to help address food insecurity during COVID-19.

  • Junior League of Jackson, MS

    Junior League of Jackson, MS

    Running a “Follow Those Funds” campaign on Facebook and providing resources to community partners with their Community Discretionary Fund (CDF) and Community Assistance Fund (CAF).

  • Junior League of Knoxville

    Junior League of Knoxville

    Held a Virtual Day of Service to provide 6 different organizations with funds during this difficult time.
  • Junior League of Lancaster, PA

    Junior League of Lancaster, PA

    Sustainers mobilized to deliver 150 meals to frontline healthcare workers at a local hospital, Lancaster General Hospital, and have plans to deliver another 200 meals in two weeks.
  • Junior League of Lee County, AL

    Junior League of Lee County, AL

    Partnered with the East Alabama Food Bank to create a public Amazon Wish List that ships essential items directly to buyers including menstrual products, which is their area of focus.
  • Junior League of Monroe, LA

    Junior League of Monroe, LA

    Created a comprehensive online resource catalog with resources for medical/virus related information like the CDC, educational links to things like local school boards and teaching from home resources, and local information about food and nutritional needs and resources.