Stand Up. Period.

2022 AJLI Award for Community Impact

The Junior League of Wilmington, DE

In fewer than three years and during a global pandemic, the Junior League of Wilmington has made the issue of period equity a priority in Delaware through direct service, advocacy, and coalition building.

Junior League of Wilmington Members have become powerful catalysts for change in the Delaware community. They rolled up their sleeves, learned how to operate a basic needs bank, set-up partnerships and write memorandums of understanding, create gender-inclusive marketing materials, and craft successful grant applications.

The result of their tireless work? The Junior League of Wilmington now has Memorandums of Understanding with 10 partner organizations, has received $32,000 in grant funding to date, and donates an average of 26,000 products every month, benefitting 880 people—far exceeding their original strategic plan goal of 200 people per month. They’re on track to donate a quarter of a million products this League year alone. In addition to direct service, the Junior League of Wilmington has contacted state legislators, developed rapport with city council members, and presented public testimony at legislative committee hearings, the Junior League of Wilmington is working toward long-term, systemic change in the area of affordable access to period supplies.