Junior League Civic Leaders

  • Betty Oland

    Betty Shuter Oland

    The Junior League of Halifax

    Like many other Junior League women in both World Wars, Betty Shuter Oland, a long-time member of the Junior League of Halifax, had her first volunteer experience in organizations like the Red Cross, supporting the war effort in a wide range of ways. 

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  • Jane Krause Paine

    Jane Krause Paine

    The Junior League of St. Louis

    Jane Krause Paine made her mark on education, helping to develop a model for the Head Start program.

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  • Pamela Yardley Paul

    Pamela Yardley Paul

    The Junior League of Jacksonville

    After an early volunteer experience educated her about the plight of at-risk children, Pamela Yardley Paul paved the way for after-school programs and crisis centers for victims of child abuse.

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  • Holly Dunn Pendleton

    Holly Dunn Pendleton

    The Junior League of Evansville

    A survivor advocates for victims of intimate violence.

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  • Ruth Sears Baker Pratt

    Ruth Sears Baker Pratt

    The Junior League of the City of New York

    Political pioneer Ruth Sears Baker Pratt was the first woman elected to Congress from New York.

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  • Nancy Reagan

    Nancy Reagan

    The Junior League of Los Angeles

    Nancy Reagan uses her public life as a platform for public service advocating for the prevention of drug abuse, stem cell research, historic preservation, and the arts.

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  • Elizabeth Redenbaugh

    Elizabeth Redenbaugh

    The Junior League of Wilmington, North Carolina

    Elizabeth Redenbaugh’s faith gave her the stamina to fight an effort to re-segregate the schools in her community and won her a Profile in Courage Award from the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library.

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    The Junior League of Baltimore

    With a commitment to her strong and widespread bonds in her community, her status as an uber-volunteer and her gift for natural leadership, Karyn Riley has been an invaluable asset since she arrived at The Junior League of Baltimore.

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  • Mary Ripley

    Mary Ripley

    The Junior League of Los Angeles

    Past President of the Junior League of Los Angeles and Founding President of IAVE (International Association for Volunteer Effort)

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