Junior League Civic Leaders

  • Eleanor Roosevelt

    Eleanor Roosevelt

    The Junior League of the City of New York

    From her early days volunteering on behalf of indigent immigrant children in the settlement houses of New York’s Lower East Side, Eleanor Roosevelt went on to serve not only three terms as an influential First Lady whom her husband credited with opening his eyes to poverty in New York but also as the first delegate to the fledgling United Nations.

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    The Junior League of Greenville, South Carolina

    Jessica is an emerging leader in the Greenville community. Her appetite for community leadership focuses on organizations that develop the potential of women and girls and young professionals.

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  • Betty Sims

    Betty Sims

    The Junior League of St. Louis

    A champion of mental health, Betty Sims fosters better understanding of, and treatment for, mental illness and substance abuse disorders.

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    The Junior League of Schenectady and Saratoga Counties

    After graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy, Sarah Stotz spent time on two naval ships and at the Pentagon. 

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  • Deborah Taylor Tate

    Deborah Taylor Tate

    The Junior League of Nashville

    After a career advocating for the welfare of at-risk women and children in Nashville, Deborah Taylor Tate took her leadership skills to Washington.

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  • Emily Anne Staples Tuttle

    Emily Anne Staples Tuttle

    The Junior League of Minneapolis

    Active in local and state politics, Emily Anne Staples Tuttle proves a persuasive advocate for women’s leadership.

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  • Sarah Wannarka

    Sarah Wannarka

    The Junior League of San Antonio

    Sarah Wannarka takes her experience as a criminal prosecutor in Texas to Kabul, Afghanistan where, as part of the U.S. Department of Justice’s Rule of Law program, she mentors women prosecutors and judges in a culture that does not support women as professionals. 

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  • Dorothy Collins Weaver

    Dorothy Collins Weaver

    The Junior League of Miami

    Dorothy Collins Weaver knows from experience that natural disasters often bring out the best in a community.

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    The Junior League of Montgomery

    As a new member of the Junior League of Montgomery, Rising Star Tonda West immediately demonstrated qualities of an emerging civic leader.

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