Margaret Nasser


The Junior League of Scranton 

Notable among Maggie’s characteristics are her compassion for others and a deprecating sense of humor. Both have served her exceedingly well during her first years in the League where she says she has learned that leadership can be an asset to her community as much or more than direct service.

Upon her arrival, Maggie worked with other Provisionals to develop KNOWME, a program that tackles the perils of bullying and low self-esteem among at-risk teen girls through immersion in the arts. In an offshoot to that work, Maggie chaired the League’s beloved Cinderella’s Closet initiative, which provides underprivileged girls with the opportunity to find prom dresses and accessories for under ten dollars. Eventually, Cinderella’s Closet was spun off into an independent 501(c)3 organization called Cinderella’s Closet of NEPA and Maggie was asked to lead it as president. She expanded its Esteem Town series of workshops and invited students to sit on a special board and influence its development while receiving mentoring from community leaders. 

            Maggie’s other volunteer commitments include her work with Jewish Family Services and those in need of mental health services, Marley’s Mission where she is engaged in equine therapy for children who’ve suffered abuse or neglect, Project Vitality’s playground-building mission, and spearheading programming for a local nursing home. And the list goes on.