2021: Amy Brown


Amy Brown

The Junior League of Tulsa

Deputy Mayor Amy Brown strives to improve her community every day in both her personal and professional endeavors. She is in the unique position to connect her work to her volunteer world. For instance, she recently connected the JLT to the City’s Resilient Tulsa Strategy which strives to build a more resilient Tulsa by confronting historic discrimination and inequality. Connecting the trained volunteers of JLT with crucial data and the community leaders working to eradicate inequity in their community is one of the many ways Deputy Mayor Brown leads towards long term change in Tulsa.

Equally important, she has played a pivotal role in the Graves Investigation which resulted from the 1921 Race Massacre in Tulsa, which destroyed Black Wall Street and resulted in an unknown number of deaths. The process of planning, coordinating, and funding the 1921 Graves Investigation has been legally, historically, and emotionally complex. The Investigation has brought nearly one-hundred-year-old wounds to the surface and forefront of community dialogue. Throughout this process, while shouldering the anger, grief, and undue blame thrust upon her personally by members of the community, she has diligently advocated for fairness, for transparency, and for healing. She has been and continues to be an agent for change when and where it is needed most.

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