Rising Star Award Archive

2014 Mary Harriman Award Winner

  • Samira Modad

    Samira Modad

    The Junior League of Mexico City

    For more than 30 years, The Junior League of Mexico City’s Samira Modad has embodied Mary Harriman’s vision. 

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2013 Rising Star Award Winner

  • Stacey Chavis

    Stacey Chavis

    The Junior League of Atlanta

    Rising Star Award-winner Stacey Chavis defines what it means to be a leader who takes the initiative, advocates for change, and remains at the top of her game through continuous training and the study of issues important to her. 

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2013 Rising Star Award Winner

  • Laurie Green

    Laurie Green

    The Junior League of Sacramento

    Rising Star Laurie Green of The Junior League of Sacramento is a woman whose membership in the League is proof that some of the most rewarding paths to take are those you never would have considered initially.

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Rising Star Archive

  • Megan Lim

    2012: MEGAN LIM

    The Junior League of San Diego

    Megan Lim, the winner of the 2012 Rising Star Award, is active in her League, visible in her community, and generous with her time.

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  • September Hill

    2011: September Hill

    The Junior League of Los Angeles

    With her unbounded energy and singular dedication, September Hill of the Junior League of Los Angeles has demonstrated a tremendous potential for community leadership in a manner consistent with the mission and values of The League.

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  • Aimee Dawson

    2011: Aimee Dawson

    The Junior League of Halifax

    Rising Star Aimee Dawson of the Junior League of Halifax has leveraged her many years of study in both dentistry and public health into a role as a one-woman healthcare advocacy effort specializing in the medical issues that confront women and children of the province of Nova Scotia.

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  • Jenny Barker

    2010: Jenny Barker

    The Junior League of Nashville

    Rising Star Jenny Barker’s can-do attitude and relentless dedication to the community is well known in Nashville. She assisted Nashville’s Agenda 2007, a city-wide, non-partisan goal-setting project by mounting a public relations strategy that recruited ideas to improve the community from every sector of the city.

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  • Tonda West

    2010: Tonda West

    The Junior League of Montgomery

    As a new member of the Junior League of Montgomery, Rising Star Tonda West immediately demonstrated qualities of an emerging civic leader.

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  • Kathy Barenbrugge

    2009: Kathy Barenbrugge

    The Junior League of Dayton

    Rising Star Kathy Barenbrugge is a woman who has the special ability to utilize her personal and corporate connections to make a difference in her community.

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  • Patricia Miranda

    2009: Patricia Miranda

    The Junior League of the City of New York

    Rising Star Patricia Miranda leads the Junior League of New York's Playground Improvement Project, which seeks corporations, government agencies, and organizations to provide funds, supplies, and volunteers for the renovation and restoration of parks and gardens.

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    The Junior League of Boise

    Rising Star Cecelia Gassner's willingness to tackle projects head-on and her ability to listen respectfully to others and embrace different opinions demonstrate the kind of leadership qualities that have made her a sought-after board member and volunteer.

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    The Junior League of Greater Princeton

    With a mere two years of League experience, Rising Star Patricia May Thomsson has emerged as the go-to person for advice, ideas, and action.

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