Rising Star Award

The Rising Star Award is designed to recognize new Active members whose early years as a Junior League member demonstrate significant promise consistent with the Vision and Values of The Junior League's Mission. For over 106 years Junior Leagues have trained and developed women to lead positive change in their communities. Our founder Mary Harriman showed exceptional foresight and wisdom in challenging her peers to join with her to improve communities. It is our hope that the Rising Star recipients will both embody those early values and redefine what it means to be a civic leader of the future, trained by The Junior League.

Each year, up to two nominees will be selected. Part of their award is to attend Annual Conference (at no cost to their League) where they will be recognized at the AJLI Awards Banquet. They also will attend the entire Conference and, participate in training op­portunities. Additionally, the nominees’ Leagues will each receive a grant.

2016 Rising Star Award Winner

  • Jessica Eldridge

    Jessica Eldridge

    The Junior League of Phoenix

    As chair of the Junior League of Phoenix’s Community Impact committee, a mentor to new League members and a graduate of the League’s Leadership Development Institute, Jessica Eldridge has, in only a few years, become a dynamic leader in the organization.

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2016 Rising Star Award Winner

  • DeNora Getachew

    DeNora Getachew

    The Junior League of The City of New York

    As the co-chair of the League’s Advocates for Public Policy committee, DeNora Getachew works hard to ensure that the committee is focused on issues with the greatest impact on women and children.

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2015 Rising Star Award Winner

  • Maggie Nasser

    Margaret Nasser

    The Junior League of Scranton

    Notable among Maggie’s characteristics are her compassion for others and a deprecating sense of humor. Both have served her exceedingly well during her first years in the League where she says she has learned that leadership can be an asset to her community as much or more than direct service.

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2015 Rising Star Award Winner

  • Karyn Riley

    Karyn Riley

    The Junior League of Baltimore

    With a commitment to her strong and widespread bonds in her community, her status as an uber-volunteer and her gift for natural leadership, Karyn Riley has been an invaluable asset since she arrived at The Junior League of Baltimore.

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2014 Rising Star Award Winner

  • Brandi Cropper

    Brandi Cropper

    The Junior League of San Diego

    Rising Star Award-winner Brandi Cropper, a former Naval officer who grew up all over the world navigating different cultures, has been a tireless advocate for the cause of foster youth in the throes of transition to independence and self-sufficiency.

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2014 Rising Star Award Winner

  • Rosalind Lucien

    Rosalind Lucien

    Junior League of the Lehigh Valley

    Rising Star Award-winner  Rosalind Lucien is a stand-out volunteer leader with an entrepreneurial streak whose impact has been felt throughout her community in just a few short years. 

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2013 Rising Star Award Winner

  • Stacey Chavis

    Stacey Chavis

    The Junior League of Atlanta

    Rising Star Award-winner Stacey Chavis defines what it means to be a leader who takes the initiative, advocates for change, and remains at the top of her game through continuous training and the study of issues important to her. 

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2013 Rising Star Award Winner

  • Laurie Green

    Laurie Green

    The Junior League of Sacramento

    Rising Star Laurie Green of The Junior League of Sacramento is a woman whose membership in the League is proof that some of the most rewarding paths to take are those you never would have considered initially.

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