Public Awareness and Advocacy Committee (PAAC) and “Women Moving Our Community Forward – a Discussion on Public Advocacy” Conference


Public Awareness and Advocacy Committee

The Junior League of Boston

As we like to say, change starts with a woman. What’s incredible, is how much change one woman can help bring about when she teams with a group of fellow trained leaders.

For its Public Awareness and Advocacy Committee initiative, the Junior League of Boston wanted its members and participants to develop their skills as civic leaders by creating a conference to serve as a forum for conversations around the tough issues women and girls face today.

The League wanted each participant to walk away from the Conference with at least one thing she felt confident she could accomplish within the next 30-60 days to expand her advocacy impact.

The Conference was designed to inspire and excite members to become advocates by educating them about the advocacy process, how local and state governments work, and how they can get involved in the greater Boston area to champion causes they feel passionate about.

JLB members were hands-on throughout the process: they leveraged their contacts and non-profit network to secure speakers, worked together on peer review topics, sent personal invitations to the event and even moderated the panel discussions. They also coined the hashtag #JLBostonForward and invited participants to continue the discussion on social media.

As the League puts it, “All too often women do not understand or appreciate the power of their voice, the impact it can have, and the responsibility we bear to use it.”