Public Policy & Advocacy Award

The purpose of the Public Policy and Advocacy Award is to recognize a League or group of Leagues for their success in using public policy and advocacy as strategies in advancing their community work and causes. Successful efforts will include those where a League or a State Public Affairs Committee (SPAC) have worked to raise awareness, to improve the public policy environment or to influence public policy legislation through specific League-driven initiatives or programs.

2020 Public Policy & Advocacy Award

  •  Activate813


    The Junior League of Tampa

    Seeing a need to bring many community organizations to the table in an important election year, in 2018 The Junior League of Tampa (JLT) launched Activate813. Activate813 is a non-partisan initiative, and focuses on voter education, registration, and engagement within Hillsborough County.

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2018 Public Policy & Advocacy Award

2017 Public Policy & Advocacy Award

  • Erin's Law

    Erin's Law

    The Junior League of Wilmington

    The culmination of a two-year effort, last year the Junior League of Wilmington was instrumental in Delaware becoming the 21st state to pass a version of Erin’s Law, which requires age-appropriate child sexual abuse education for all K-6 students in Delaware’s public and charter schools as well as related training for teachers and other staff members.

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2016 Public Policy & Advocacy Award

2015 Public Policy & Advocacy Award

  • Maternal Mental Health Advocacy Project

    The Junior Leagues of California State Public Affairs Committee

    Junior Leagues have been so effective in recent years as advocates that we have established our first Public Policy & Advocacy Award.

    So it’s a pleasure to present the first award in Public Policy & Advocacy to the Junior Leagues of California State Public Affairs Committee for its Maternal Mental Health Advocacy Project, which it began five years ago. 

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