Junior League of Tampa (JLT) Activate813

The Junior League of Tampa

Seeing a need to bring many community organizations to the table in an important election year, in 2018 The Junior League of Tampa (JLT) launched Activate813. Activate813 is a non-partisan initiative, and focuses on voter education, registration, and engagement within Hillsborough County. Activate813 is a local collaboration of community organizations in the Tampa area that come together to discuss important issues and partnering to reach more citizens. As a result of the meetings, organizations have co-sponsored multiple events (candidate forums, information sessions, panels), shared joint information about the election, voter registration, candidates and ballot initiatives/amendments. Hundreds of attendees have participated in these events. After seeing the need for collaboration, JLT led the charge with the creation of the Activate813 logo and brand and launch of Activate813 social media.

JLT served as the lead organization in Activate813, often acting as host for meetings, community forums, and candidate meet and greets. JLT envisioned Activate813 serving both internal (JLT membership) and external (community) audiences. As such, Activate813 centered on voter engagement with issues and candidates, voter education, and voter registration. This initiative is a service to our membership, hopes to increase the impact JLT makes in our county and state, increase the JLT footprint in our community, build relationships with new community partners and strengthen existing ones, and reach citizens to increase voter registration, turnout, and engagement in local, state and national elections. Via Activate813, JLT hosted events (bringing the community in) and co-sponsored events (positioning JLT out in the community). Internally, JLT has served its members with voter registration, trainings, guest speakers, and important information about the League’s advocacy efforts and impacts state-wide.

In 2020, Activate813 will collaborate on issues surrounding the women’s suffrage centennial and the national election; build more partnerships, and expose more JLT and community members to educational opportunities.