Public Affairs Advocacy Certificate Training Track

2022 AJLI Award for Public Policy and Advocacy

City Commissioner Curtis Richardson at JLT Kids Boutique

The Junior League of Tallahassee, FL

The Junior League of Tallahassee’s Public Affairs Committee advocates for legislation and policy initiatives that align with the League’s Mission to ensure children and families have access to basic needs.

In 2020, the committee created an Advocacy Certificate Training Track to provide members with the resources necessary to successfully advocate on behalf of the League, strategic partners, and community initiatives that drive the League’s Mission. It consisted of four courses: messaging and platform development, nonprofit advocacy challenges and best practices, advocacy for Junior League of Tallahassee partners, and local government advocacy.

Twenty eight Junior League of Tallahassee members completed the certificate training, which has allowed the League to significantly expand their advocacy efforts in areas from advocating for menstrual products in K-12 public schools to ending human trafficking in Florida to creating educational programming surrounding voter education and advocacy. Additionally, the Advocacy Certificate Training Track gained recognition locally and put the Junior League of Tallahassee on the map among community partners.