Mary Harriman Award

2019 AJLI Annual Conference - Mary Harriman Award Presentation

In recognition of the vision of the founder of The Junior League, the AJLI Board of Directors established the Mary Harriman Community Leadership Award. This award honors and acknowledges an individual Junior League member whose volunteer efforts provide a contemporary link to Mary Harriman's sense of social responsibility and her ability to motivate others to share their talents through effective volunteer service. Since 1990 when the award was established, it has been given to Junior League members whose leadership exemplifies our mission, vision and values. This section lists the current and past Mary Harriman Community Leadership Award recipients since 1991.

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  • Susan Brooks

    The Honorable Susan Brooks

    The Junior League of Indianapolis

    Susan Brooks joined the Junior League of Indianapolis in 1992 and has become an accomplished leader with a long history of tackling difficult issues, as a volunteer and public servant. She has served as a strategic advisor to companies, nonprofits, educational institutions, and hospitals during organizational change. She often shares with Junior League of Indianapolis members her incredible journey and encourages them to take advantage of the leadership and networking opportunities the League provides.

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2020 Mary Harriman Award RECIPIENT

  • Cheri Beasley

    Chief Justice Cheri Beasley

    The Junior League of Raleigh and the Junior League of Fayetteville

    Chief Justice Cheri Beasley is a woman whose calling in life is service, and she has made deep and lasting impacts on the lives of countless North Carolinians throughout her career — not only with decisions she has made in the courtroom, but also with her immense dedication to engaging with the community.

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2019 Mary Harriman Award RECIPIENT


  • Carolyn Maloney

    Carolyn Maloney

    The Junior League of The City of New York

    It’s a fitting coincidence that this year’s Mary Harriman Award recipient made her name as a community leader in Mary’s own backyard. Just as Mary started a community of women dedicated to changing New York City and ended up sparking a much larger movement, Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney has used her experiences in both politics and the Junior League as a launching pad for policies that have helped support so many women leaders of tomorrow.

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  • Suzanne Plihcik

    Suzanne Plihcik

    The Junior League of Greensboro

    Anyone who doubts the ability of committed Junior League members to create lasting civic impact has obviously never met Suzanne Plihcik. Like Mary Harriman, Suzanne stepped outside of an inherited cultural role, working to guide others to understand, and address, racism as the root cause of many issues facing our country today.

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2016 Mary Harriman Award Winner

  • Martie Russel

    Martie Russel

    The Junior League of Toronto

    Martie is truly someone whose dedication to creating lasting community impact reflects the example set by Mary Harriman more than 100 years ago. A trailblazer since joining The Junior League at 21, in addition to the many leadership roles she took on within the Junior League of Toronto, she has served on close to 20 nonprofit boards.

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2015 Mary Harriman Award Winner

  • Lyda Hill

    Lyda Hill

    The Junior League of Dallas

    Though she committed to donating the entirety of her holdings to charity when she joined the elite Giving Pledge in 2010, Lyda Hill of The Junior League of Dallas has never seen her wealth as the limit to her ability to serve in all aspects of her life—as a philanthropist, volunteer, entrepreneur and booster of public institutions.

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2014 Mary Harriman Award Winner

  • Samira Modad

    Samira Modad

    The Junior League of Mexico City

    For more than 30 years, The Junior League of Mexico City’s Samira Modad has embodied Mary Harriman’s vision. 

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2013 Mary Harriman Award Winner

  • Senator Florence Shapiro

    Senator Florence Shapiro

    The Junior League of Collin County

    As a legislative leader, she spearheaded legislation called ‘Ashley’s Law’ to target sex offenders…

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