Women To Watch

2014 Leadership Development Award Winner

The Junior League of Greensboro 

The Junior League of Greensboro won this year’s Leadership Development Award for its two-part initiative known as the Women to Watch (W2W) training series and the Women’s Leadership Summit.

Program Goal

To create impactful training and development opportunities for JLG members and women in the community.   

Program Description

Five years ago the League recognized that it could maximize its impact on the surrounding community by equipping women to lead it. It organized a series of monthly seminars for small groups led by local experts in a variety of disciplines. Known as Women to Watch, the program addressed a whole range of topics from public speaking and dressing for success to economic development, financial education and advocacy.

The League then indoctrinated a new annual tradition:  the Women’s Leadership Summit, which consisted of a single day of leadership preparation open to both League members and locals and offering personal, professional and civic development and training to build their strengths as leaders.


Over the past four years, W2W graduates have achieved tremendous personal growth and leadership development.  Most recently, W2W graduated 27 women in 2012-13. Seventy-five individual women attended at least one session and 7 community members were introduced to the league as guests of the series. Equally as impressive, are the 51 graduates celebrated in year one of the program, 21 graduates in year two, and 25 graduates in year three.  In 2012-13, the Junior Leagueof Greensboro launched year four of W2W, soaring to the highest attendance rate to date at the first session of the year with 46 attendees.  


Via W2W and the Summit, the visibility of the Junior League of Greensboro has increased and even inspired attendees of these programs to join the organization.  Elevated exposure and the addition of new members allows the League to expand its reach, creating the opportunity for greater and lasting community impact. Training is essential to the measurable impact the League is making in Greensboro, and through Women to Watch and The Women's Leadership Summit, the Junior League of Greensboro has developed a powerful conduit to solidify a positive future for their community.