Community Representatives

2012 Leadership Development Award Winner

Collin County, Leadership Development Award

The Junior League of Collin County

The Junior League of Collin County won the 2012 Leadership Development Award for Community Representatives, a program that embeds League members in every important government, education and civic body in Collin County, Texas.

Program Goal

This two-year program is designed to educate, develop and empower members as current and future community leaders by involving them in Collin County’s civic, charitable and business organizations.

Program Description

Active county-wide, the program covers the cities of Plano, Allen, Frisco and McKinney, and community representatives, elected by the President, serve two-year terms.

The first year is spent in their city’s Chamber of Commerce leadership program where in monthly meetings, participants learn how their city functions, including in government, education, and public health and safety.

The second year of the program expands on what members learned in the first year and allows them to put that experience to work by representing the League in a liaison and observer status at government meetings, school board meetings, community events and fundraisers as well as Chamber of Commerce meetings and other business and women’s leader events.


The results of the program are that it has successfully built relationships with other community leaders and individuals looking to assume a greater responsibility for future leadership. In addition, the League's improved profile provides a great tool to recruit new members and future leaders, while participants can serve as the League’s eyes and ears in the community while highlighting the great work it does across Collin County.


While most of the community representatives have been or are currently serving in leadership positions in the League, Collin County’s program also provides participants with new opportunities for leadership in the community. To date, of the 16 current and past community representatives, one is now a member of a community agency board, one is currently seeking a board position, and one is a current board member for her city’s leadership program.

In addition, an unintended consequence of the program was the rebranding of the League from the Junior League of Plano, which confused those outside the city limits, to the Junior League of Collin County, which increased the League's visibility and influence in the community.