Super Stars Literacy Program

2005 Leadership Development Award winner

The Junior League of Oakland-East Bay

The Junior League of Oakland-East Bay won the 2005 Leadership Development Award for creating the Super Stars Literacy Program, through which members help children improve their reading abilities.

Program Goal

This program is designed to provide members with a breadth and depth of training and leadership development opportunities while helping children with low reading abilities catch up with their peers.

Program Description

This program, created in 2002, is a comprehensive early-literacy program for low-performing kindergarten through second grade students. The program also focuses on social and behavioral development.


This program was successful in improving the reading ability and behavior of students attending the first two schools at which it was launched. Members of the League assessed other schools in the district and found that there was a strong demand for this program in an after-school setting, so the program has expanded into its own nonprofit organization. In 2012, Super Stars Literacy celebrated ten successful years with its 10th Annual Gala Dinner and Celebration.