Public Policy Institute

2010 Leadership Development Award winner

2010 Leadership Devolopment Award

The Junior League of Los Angeles

The Junior League of Los Angeles won the 2010 Leadership Development Award for its Public Policy Institute, which provides League members with training in nonprofit advocacy.

Program Goal

This program is designed to prepare members to serve as leaders both within the League and in the community as civic advocates.

Program Description

As members progress through this program, they receive training in effective nonprofit advocacy. They attend classes that explore public policy and give members the opportunity to train with policymakers.

From individuals drawn from the government, law, politics, lobbying, and community organizations, members get an insider’s view of the core elements that drive public policy decisions, such as budget, tax policy, elections, interest groups, and messaging. They serve on the Public Policy Council, State Public Affairs Committee or Public Affairs Committee and have the opportunity to complete internships in policy development that are tailor-made to women with demanding schedules.


Graduates of this program emerge with an increased understanding of governmental processes and a better grasp of advocacy. They also develop relationships with key policy-makers and community organizations, and obtain a hands-on, inside look at how political and governmental decisions are made.


The popularity of the program has greatly increased. In 2008, the program had 12 applicants, and in 2010, the program had grown to 60 participants. All Active and Sustaining members are eligible to apply. The League offers information sessions about the program to garner interest.