Pediatric Blood Drive

2004 Leadership Development Award winner

The Junior League of Roanoke Valley

The Junior League of Roanoke Valley won the 2004 Leadership Development Award for its Pediatric Blood Drive, which gives its Provisional members experience in organizing an event while benefiting their community.

Program Goal

This program is designed to prepare the League’s newest members while fulfilling the community's pediatric transfusion needs.

Program Description

A Provisional training project, this program affords the League’s new members intense, hands-on training in project development. The Provisionals recruit donors, solicit donations, forge community partnerships, and develop a strategic marketing and communications plan all without a budget.


In January 2004, the success of this project inspired seven other Virginia Leagues to hold blood drives on the same day to heighten awareness and create a statewide impact.

In March 2013, the Roanoke Valley League partnered with the Virginia Blood Services for their 11th annual drive, now the Community Blood Drive. This event has become one of the largest blood drives in the valley, and one donation can save three lives.