Leadership and Lattes

2011 Leadership Development Award winner

Leadership and Lattes

The Junior League of Minneapolis

The Junior League of Minneapolis won the 2011 Leadership Development Award for its Leadership and Lattes program, which offers League members training and networking opportunities, equipping them to successfully lead their community.

Program Goal

This program is designed to offer members a path to becoming effective leaders in the Twin Cities community by empowering them, educating them on a variety of leadership topics, and helping them build relationships with other potential leaders.

Program Description

The program consists of interactive small-group training sessions focused on key aspects of leadership. One such session outlines skill sets of great mentors, and another includes a panel of expert community leaders offering inspiration and advice.  Other sessions empower women to fundraise and to speak confidently in front of groups. The topics are directly influenced by the members and their needs. The program utilizes a mix of knowledgeable League members and outside experts, giving members the opportunity to have conversations with non-members who are change agents in their community.


This program allows League members to explore the path to becoming leaders in their community.  Members also have the opportunity to get to know community leaders, broadening their networks of peers.  Through the program, the Junior League of Minneapolis successfully develops the potential of members to grow as community and civic leaders.

In addition, this program has created enthusiasm for the League.  Members have cited it as the reason for the increase in retention, and have indicated that training and social opportunities are a great benefit of League membership.