Leadership Development Program

2007 Leadership Development Award winner

2007 award

The Junior League of Greater Lakeland

The Junior League of Greater Lakeland won the 2007 Leadership Development Award for its Leadership Development Program, consisting of retreats and the passing of resources from old to new leaders.

Program Goal

This program is designed to help the League prepare for leadership transitions throughout the year.

Program Description

This program consists of focused retreats that reach all levels of leadership, as well as developed resources, including a member-shared database and a Universal Notebook that allow leaders to pass down their learned experience to their successors.

Each program featured three diverse women who have made a difference in the community as a result of their leadership development from the League.


This well-planned, organized and focused effort by the League reached down to all levels of membership and committee work.

Leadership retreats continue to this day, and leadership development is emphasized as a benefit of joining this League.