Leadership Certification Program

2004 Leadership Development Award winner

The Junior League of Memphis

The Junior League of Memphis won the 2004 Leadership Development Award for its Leadership Certification Program, which offers leadership training to League members as well as to members of other nonprofit organizations in the community.

Program Goal

This program is designed to prepare League members for effective leadership, high performance, and community service, and to equip local leaders with the skills required to help their organizations flourish.

Program Description

Created in 1998, in partnership with the Fed Ex Corporation, this 10-course leadership certification program is open to League and local nonprofit leaders. Some topics covered are communication, decision-making, goal-setting, delegating, and leading a meeting.


The program has met the League's need for enhanced leadership training as well as the community’s need for professional leadership training for nonprofit organizations.

Today this program is known as the Memphis League’s Leaders Evolving and Developing (LEAD) Program.