Good Works!: Making the Nonprofit Leadership Connection

2006 Leadership Development Award winner

The Junior League of Wichita

The Junior League of Wichita won the 2006 Leadership Development Award for Good Works!, a program that trains members of their League and the community to serve local nonprofit organizations.

Program Goal

This program is designed to train League members and the community to successfully lead local nonprofit organizations. The program also seeks to establish the League as a community training organization and to educate members about other nonprofit organizations.

Program Description

The League partnered with the local Nonprofit Chamber of Service to develop and produce this one-day training event. The morning consists of training sessions, which culminate with a luncheon presentation.

Participants are matched with local nonprofit organizations, and those interested in joining a board become familiarized with the duties, expectations, and rewards of the experience. They also have the opportunity to network with members of organizations in order to find one they would like to serve in the future.


Attendance at this event was three times higher than what was expected. Participants cited the presentation as the most beneficial aspect of the event.