Building Blocks for a Brighter Future

2004 Leadership Development Award winner

The Junior League of Las Cruces

The Junior League of Las Cruces won the 2004 Leadership Development Award for creating Building Blocks for a Brighter Future, a program through which League members learn and utilize leadership skills in order to benefit local children.

Program Goal

This program is designed to encourage and promote the family’s role in fostering children’s literacy.

Program Description

This program consists of a one-day conference that focuses on the importance of establishing children’s literacy skills. It targets parents and caregivers, particularly in low income areas, to help them make literacy a priority in their homes.

League members who are placed on this project enroll in a unique "Six Hat Course," which addresses the skills needed for team productivity, communication, facilitation, committee collaboration, problem solving, conflict resolution, and decision-making.


As a result of this program, the Mayor of Las Cruces officially proclaimed the day of the conference, “Children's Literacy Day.” The Las Cruces League held its 10th annual Building Blocks Conference in March 2012.