Advanced Leadership Certification Series—Junior League of Kansas City, MO


Advanced Leadership Certification Series

The Junior League of Kansas City, MO

We’re proud to acknowledge the Junior League of Kansas City with this award for setting a new standard—creating a program that furthers our mission to develop the potential of women to serve their communities in the ways that matter most.

The JLKC developed the Advanced Leadership Certification Series program in partnership with the Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Missouri-Kansas City to provide a high quality, comprehensive and certified series of graduate-level leadership courses taught by experts over a span of two League years. Now, in its fifth year, 87 members have participated in ALCS courses with 16 receiving certification.

The ALCS vision is to develop a well-respected, valuable leadership development program for all interested members, promote the League in the community, increase its positive recognition and offer participants a full spectrum of leadership training, from the basics in “What It Takes to Be an Effective Leader” to “The Art of Organizing” to “Understanding and Dealing with Conflict” and “Leading People Through Major Change.”

Of the program’s 16 graduates, 13 have gone on to take significant leadership roles in the League and the community. Three graduates now serve on the League Board, and eleven serve as committee chairs. Graduates are also serving on community boards, and one is newly elected to the school board.

For many, the ALCS program has been characterized as one of the most rewarding experiences of graduates’ lives. Beyond the skills it teaches, the program has empowered participants to embrace roles they may never have previously considered. It gives them the tools they need for every side of leadership—from spurring communication and building consensus, to building motivation and channeling passion.