Leadership Development Award

Developing the potential of League members to be effective community volunteer leaders is at the core of The Junior League Mission. The Junior League Leadership Development Award recognize exemplary League member training and development programs. Whether it is a program to train members to work effectively with children, a program to build the skills of committee chairs, or a program to cultivate members to be successful nonprofit board members, The Junior League Leadership Development Awards celebrate the Junior Leagues’ role as first-class training organizations for their members.

One Junior League Leadership Development Award of $10,000 is given to League leadership development and training programs for members.

(Formerly callled the AJLI/Crest Whitestrips Community Smile Award prior to 2006)

2013 Leadership Development Award Winner

  • 2013Leadership Development Raleigh

    Capital Leadership Initiative

    The Junior League of Raleigh

    The Junior League of Raleigh won the 2013 Leadership Development Award in recognition of its Capital Leadership Initiative. Having studied the underrepresentation of women in corporate leadership positions—women account for 50 percent of the workforce yet hold only two percent of CEO jobs among Fortune 500s—the League concluded that there were few opportunities for leadership training for women in the Raleigh area.

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2012 Leadership Development Award Winner

  • Collin Co. Leadership Development Award 2012

    Community Representatives

    The Junior League of Collin County

    The winner of the 2012 Leadership Development Award, the Junior League of Collin County, created a program that embeds League members in every single important government, education and civic body in Collin County, Texas.

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